large-anthonyProfessional Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland
  • Membership in the Queensland Veterinary Board Association
  • Recognition by the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland
  • Veterinary X-Ray License


Anthony was born in Brisbane, Queensland, and grew up in Townsville for most of his early years. He boarded at Brisbane Grammar School at the age of 12 – and that same year started doing volunteer work at Greencross Currajong Veterinary Hospital.

Every school holiday for 5 years from grades 8 through 12, Anthony ‘lived’ at Currajong, doing basic nursing for animals. After graduating in 2002 from Brisbane Grammar School, Anthony travelled overseas for a year with his brother, Yianni.


Anthony began studying for a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology at James Cook University in Townsville, and then moved into Veterinary Science study at the University of Queensland. He worked as a veterinary nurse for three years, at Albion Veterinary Surgery and Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery, throughout the period of his veterinary studies at University.

Work Experience

Anthony then worked for several years at Greencross (Kessels Road in McGregor), a referral clinic for orthopaedic veterinary care, where he developed special interests in orthopaedics and internal medicine.

Anthony has pursued extended courses in surgery orthopaedic surgery, the head and neck, econstructive soft tissue surgery, and wound management. He regularly attends continuing veterinary education programs to stay on the leading edge of veterinary knowledge and practice.

large-anthony2Inspiration to become a Vet

I decided to become a vet at the age of 6 – or so my parents tell me, after a traumatic experience of a dog attack in which I suffered a severe bite to the face.

I have always had an affinity for animals, so I knew from a very early age what I wanted to become.

My parents were too busy to allow pets at home, so I always loved other people’s animals, and took every opportunity to make friends with animals — all my friends’ pets! My first pet was a cat Allegra, dumped at a veterinary hospital where I was working at the time as a vet nurse, and my second cat, Diesel, was a bag of bones I rescued from the street. These cats were placed by fate in my path, and this started my love for cats – but my affinity for all creatures, great and small, will always ring true.

Being a veterinarian enables me to try to find answers to animals’ suffering, and get them back to their happy normal selves. Seeing such wonderful creatures in pain is something I just cannot stand. Being a veterinarian gives me the ability to help change all that.

I have always had the need to work with animals, simply to be around them, and veterinary medicine was a kind of natural progression for me.

The one thing I love is the way that animals don’t judge. No matter whether you are fat or thin, gorgeous or ugly, lovely or nasty, they will love you and treat you with kindness until their dying day.

This characteristic quality of animals is something that I have always admired, and I try earnestly to learn from and embody that quality in myself. I honestly feel that everyone could benefit from being that way — if we were all as accepting as our pets, how much better a place would the world be?