pic01-bThe founders of SuperVets Dr Anthony Cassimatis and Dr Ray Baxter met each other whilst studying Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland. Common interest such as fitness and health, as well as their obvious passion for their chosen vocation resulted in a solid friendship that has endured over many years. It was at University that they first flagged the idea of opening a practice together.

After graduating, both Dr Anthony and Dr Ray worked for several years within other clinics, before realising their dream to build their own.

Both Anthony and Ray focus to improve service and quality of care for both parents and their loved ones.

There are a number of facets in an attempt to achieve this…

As above with compare and contrast – differences of being at home vs clinic and ability to educate and advise to a much higher standard.

Eliminating the rushed time constraint that is commonplace in most Veterinary clinics

  • Keeping healthy pets at home – not spending time in waiting rooms with sick animals
  • Assisting owners who find it difficult to get their pets into vehicles to visit a Vet due to mobility or other reasons
  • Being able to easily identify irritants in your pets home environment

SuperVets was established in April 2012 as a house call practice. Less than one year later our purpose built hospital was completed for surgical and hospitalised requirements, and within 1 year after this was a fully functioning 24hr hospital.

We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for emergency veterinary care.

Our primary point of care is the house-call aspect to our business. The ability to sacrifice our time to achieve a much more thorough physical examination and information gathering about your loved one proves paramount when determining courses of action and advice. We work with each family member to educate and advise the best “game plan” for any problem we are faced with. Better understanding/examination/history and education leads to better advice and treatment plans.

Of course there are situations where house-calls may not feasible, and people may prefer to make the trip to our lovely practise. It is important to note that due to the busy nature of most veterinary hospitals, majority of the time we are unable to give the same amount of time and education that we achieve through our house-call consultations. For these reasons we prefer to reserve in clinic consultations for those in emergency situations, or during our growing process are unable to make a house-call at the time it is required.

Home visits allow us to take our time, give proper explanations and discuss key elements that affect your animal’s health. A large portion of time is spent on education of the problems that take up most of our day, this way we can advise how to prevent these problems. This leads to healthier loved ones for a longer life and drastic reduction in vet bills.

Dr Ray says:

We love meeting new people and pets and this makes for a happy work environment and exciting days. We now love coming to work each day and feel we make a difference and that’s important to us


Ray Baxter was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and then studied at Gregory Terrace College in Brisbane, graduating in 2003. More >>


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