Super Vet FAQ’s

What does a consultation involve?

As part of our personalised vet house call service, we take the time to know and communicate with you and your pet: we listen, we answer your questions, and we respond to your concerns, as we learn your pet’s individual history.

We give your pet a full physical examination, leading to careful and immediate diagnosis and treatment.

We then organise a follow-up pet health plan for you, which has the best possible therapies to support your pet’s optimum health. We provide reminders in advance of your pet’s recurring vaccination or treatment dates, and we provide free delivery of any nutritional supplements needed to support your pet’s health.

In this way, we hope to become your pet’s friend for life!

What are In-home Visits?

We reduce the stress of a visit to the vet; for you and your pet. Our expert ‘super vets’ come to you for no additional charges or fees.

Your pet can have health checks, treatments and medications administered in the comfort of your own home, where your pet will be in a safe and familiar environment.

At SuperVets, we are able to care for anxious pets who may feel distressed or uncomfortable by a trip to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

Pets who feel sick usually do much better at home in a stress-free environment.

And you benefit from the convenience of receiving fully certified veterinary service from our team of veterinary surgeons – without having to pack and transport your unwell pet into a vehicle or animal-carrier for a time-consuming excursion to the vet clinic waiting room.